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Post  Zolton on Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:42 am

To all applicants:


We want to take a moment to make you aware of the type of alliance you are applying for and set some expectations up front. Please use these when making your decision to apply as the time of our application reviewers is very valuable. If you are an ASH alumni, send a private message to Zolton to avoid the extensive application process. All applications are to be sent to Zolton.

1. Each application will go through a thorough vetting process.
2. You must have villages in the northwest quadrant.
3. You must not be a farm.
4. Any applicant that lies or is found giving erroneous information will be turned down and farmed for wasting our time.
5. We are a very aggressive and active alliance. If you are not an active aggressive player then this alliance is not for you.
6. We are a very tight family-like alliance that is constantly working to better our game play, improve our knowledge and forge positive relationships with our membership and our confederacies.
7. It is our expectation that you are a positive value added member upon joining. We do not need any baggage or negativity.
8. When you join you must prove yourself to be worthy of membership. You will be expected to grow, attack, defend, rein and supply just like every other member of this alliance.

If you join this alliance, you will fight along side, in my opinion, the very best group of people you could find on any server! It is a genuine pleasure to talk and interact with them.

To help streamline this process please sign up for our forum using your Travian user name. Upon approval of your application we will activate your account.

-Must be located in the North West quadrant.
-As it is early in the server, we will look at the entire picture before accepting applications.

If you have read the above statement and feel you can meet the expectations set forth by our members, you may fill out the application.



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